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[iTunes Data Recovery : Mac] - How to recover Notes, Reminders and Calendar deleted on iPhone 4/4S?

More and more people like to make a schedule with Notes, Reminders or Calendar on their iPhone 4/4S for upcoming evens. It is very easy to lose them due to many reasons such as accidentally delete, upgrade iOS, etc. Once the data is gone, it always puts iPhone users into a great panic.

I keep records of every important evens for my work with iPhone 4S Notes, Reminders and Calendar app. However, when I updated the operating system on my iPhone 4S, all the items were gone of a sudden. I did some research and found a way to recover them. So here I’d be happy to share my experience with those people who are suffering from precious data loss.

Have you ever synced your iPhone 4/4S with iTunes?

As we know, iTunes will backup your iPhone 4/4S contents automatically every time you sync it. Therefore, if you had synced your device with iTunes before the notes, reminders and calendar were lost, then you could restore them from iTunes last backup file of your iPhone 4/4S. Launch iTunes and choose “Preferences…” option from the menu bar, you can see iTunes last backup file of your iPhone 4/4S in “Device”.

iTunes backup files

How to get back lost Notes/Reminders/Calendar on iPhone 4/4S?

Because iTunes backup files cannot be used directly on Mac and iDevice, you need an iTunes Backup Extractor to extract the contents from backup files.

Data Recovery for iTunes is such a program that can scan iTunes backup files of your iPhone 4/4S. It enables your to preview the notes, reminders and calendar in details from iTunes backup files so that you can check the one you really want. No need to connect iPhone 4/4S or open iTunes, you can get back the notes, reminders and calendar deleted on your iPhone 4/4S.

For Mac OS X 10.6 - 10.8

For Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Recover iPhone 4S Notes, Reminders and Calendar

Things you need to note:

iTunes only back up your iPhone 4/4S contents the last time you sync it. In case the previous backup file content is overwritten by the current content on your iPhone 4/4S, do not sync your device again until the lost data is recovered. Otherwise, the notes, reminders and calendar are gone permanently.

How to recover iPhone lost data from iTunes backup files?